Meeting Schedule

The Lindell Club hosts over 50 Twelve Step meetings a week. We are open 365 days a year, and holidays do not effect schedules. Meeting times may differ from other internet sources. You do not have to be a member to attend meetings. Please see legend below for more descriptions.

Time Grp# Type Room

7:00am #337 Mx Big Room
12:00pm #287 Mx Big Room
1:30pm #235 Mx Big Room
5:45pm Big Book Mx Sunporch
7:00pm GA Mx Basement
7:00pm #18 F Big Room
7:00pm #7 M 3rd Floor

7:00am #337 Mx Big Room
12:00pm Crsover M** Big Room
12:15pm Bridge F Sunporch
1:30pm #235 Mx Big Room
4:30pm #374 Mx Sunporch
5:30pm #4 Mx Room One
6:00pm ATYD M Basement "All the Young Dudes"
7:00pm HA MX Big Room "Heroin Anonymous"

7:00am #337 Mx Big Room
12:00pm #287 Mx Big Room
12:00pm Al-Anon Mx Sunporch
12:15pm SCA Mx Room One "The Breakers"
1:30pm #235 Mx Big Room
6:15pm #36 M Big Room
7:00pm #36 M Basement
7:00pm ASP F 3rd Floor "A Simple Program"
7:30pm #36 M Big Room
8:00pm #36 M Sun Porch

7:00am #337 Mx Big Room
7:00am Mx Sunporch "Living Sober"
12:00pm #287 Mx Big Room
12:00pm Crsover M** Sunporch
1:30pm #235 Mx Big Room
5:30pm #277 Mx Sunporch
6:00pm SCA M Room One "The Breakers"
7:00pm YPAA Mx Basement "Young People"
7:15pm SLAA Mx Room One
7:30pm #321 Mx Sunporch

7:00am #337 Mx Big Room
11:00am SCA Mx Room 1
12:00pm Al-Anon F Sunporch "Women of Wisdom"
12:00pm Feelings M** Big Room
1:30pm #235 Mx Big Room
6:00pm #480 F Sunporch
6:00pm #2 M Big Room
7:00pm #395 Mx Basement "Anxiety Society"
8:00pm #43 M Big Room

7:00am #337 Mx Big Room
9:00am #296 Mx Big Room
1:30pm #79 Mx Big Room
2:00pm 11th Step Mx Room One "From Depression to Promises"
7:30pm #141 Mx Big Room "The Glass Menagerie"

8:00am Big Book Mx Big Room
8:45am OA Mx Room One "Overeaters Anonymous"
9:00am #39 M Basement
10:00am #299 Mx Big Room
11:15am B2B Mx Big Room "Back to Basics"
1:30pm #672 Mx Sunporch
4:30pm Mx Big Room "We Agnostics"
6:30pm #247 Mx Big Room

Mx Male & Female
M Male only
F Female only
GA Gamblers Anonymous
OA Overeaters Anonymous
SCA Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
SLAA Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

All meetings at The Club are "Closed" unless otherwise specified. This means only individuals with a desire to stop drinking or who identify with the focus of recovery may attend. No observers, please.

No slips are signed at The Club.

** AA and Al-Anon members attend