Welcome to our members and guests. The Lindell Club is a privately-owned, non-profit club that since 1950 has served the St. Louis area recovery community. Our purpose is to provide a safe, sober, and comfortable setting for members and guest to meet and socialize. We are open 365 days a year and host numerous and varied recovery meetings throughout the week. Food and beverages are available for purchase at all hours of operation. We happily extend the welcoming hand of recovery to all who seek it.
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Meeting Schedule

7am                 # 337                           Mx       Big room

12pm               # 287                           Mx       Big Room

1:30pm            # 235                           Mx       Big Room

5:45pm            Big Book                    Mx       Sunporch

7pm                 GA                               Mx       Sunporch

7pm                 #18                              W         Big Room

7pm                 #7                                M         3rd Floor


7am                 #337                            Mx       Big Room

12pm               Crossover                     M         Big Room

12:15pm          Bridge                          W         Sunporch

1:30pm            #235                            Mx       Big Room

4:30pm            #374                            Mx       Sunporch

5:30pm            #4                                Mx       Big Room

6pm                 Young Dudes               M         Basement

7pm                 HA                                Mx       Big Room


7am                 #337                            Mx       Big Room

12pm               #287                            Mx       Big Room

12pm               Al-Anon                      Mx       Sunporch

12:15pm          SCA                              Mx       Room One

1:30pm            #235                            Mx       Big Room

6:15pm            #36                              M         Big Room

7pm                 ASP                              W         Third Floor

7pm                 #36                              M         Basement

7:30pm            #36                              M         Big Room

8pm                 #36                              M         Sunporch    


7am                 #337                              Mx       Big Room

7am                 Living Sober                Mx       Sunporch

12pm               #287                              Mx       Big Room

12pm               Crossover                     M         Sunporch

1:30pm            #235                              Mx       Big Room

5:30pm            #277                             Mx       Sunporch

6pm                 SCA                               M         Room One

7pm                 Young People              Mx       Basement

7:15pm            SLAA                             Mx       Room One

7:30pm            #321                              Mx       Sunporch


7am                 #337                            Mx       Big Room

11am               SCA                              M         Room One

12pm               Al-Anon                       W         Sunporch

12pm               Feelings                       M         Big Room

1:30pm            #235                            Mx       Big Room

6pm                 #2                                M         Big Room

6pm                 #480                            W         Sunporch

7pm                 #395                            Mx       Basement

8pm                 #43                              M         Big Room


7am                 #337                            Mx       Big Room

9am                 #296                            Mx       Big Room

1:30pm             #79                              Mx       Big Room

2pm                 11th Step                     Mx       Sunporch

7:30pm            #141                             Mx       Big Room


8am                 Big Book                    Mx       Big Room

8:45am            OA                               Mx       Room One

9am                 #39                              M         Basement

10am                 #299                          Mx       Big Room

11:15am            Back to Basics            Mx       Big Room

1:30pm              #672                           Mx       Sunporch

4:30pm              We Agnostics           Mx       Big Room

6:30pm              #247                          Mx       Big Room

Mx=All Genders
M=Men's Meeting
W=Women's Meeting
SCA= Sexual Compulsives Anonymous 
SLAA=Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
GA= Gamblers Anonymous
HA= Heroin Anonymous
OA= Overeaters Anonymous
# = AA Group Number

4522 Lindell Blvd
St. Louis, MO
Executive Director: Rita Hiscocks

House Manager: Daron Burks
About the Lindell Club

Most commonly known as The Lindell Club, the 4522 Club was organized in 1950 by Hugo Schumaker and others to be a sober social club for recovering alcoholics. Our historic building at 4522 Lindell Blvd. is over 120 years old. It was built in 1894 for Isaac Schwab, a local clothier. Isaac was also president of the first Temple Israel and served on the board of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, which organized the 1904 World's Fair in Forest Park. The building was purchased in 1950 from Saint Louis University, which had acquired it from another private owner.

The Club was originally named the Alanon Club of St. Louis (not to be confused with Al-Anon Family Groups which did not exist at the time of our founding). Father Edward Dowling, Bill Wilson's spiritual adviser, was a charter member and supporter. Over the years our Club has evolved into a premier meeting location with a short-order restaurant and dining area. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or other organization. Our membership is comprised of members of AA and Al-Anon. We host over 50 meetings a week and serve about 1000 guests. The Lindell Club is nationally recognized in the larger recovery community.